How to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive

Learn Simple Way to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive

Formatting is possibly one of the paramount ways to clear each of the files from external storage device like pen drive. However, same reliable option on pen drive can put users in dilemma situation, where they don’t have any idea about how to get back data after formatting pen drive. If you are in the same situation then, simply opt for software like Flash Drive Data Recovery software to get back data after formatting pen drive. This task is possible because when any file is erased from saved location only its pointer is wiped from the file system and a message is transmitted that previously occupied space is now free for saving any new file or folder.

If you are regular user of USB flash drive then you must have felt that one of the major source for the viruses into your computer is due to flash drive. This thing happens when any flash drive is connected to computer or laptop which doesn’t have updated antivirus. Many a times such viruses are so strong that they hamper the file system of the flash drive itself. Once file system of pen drive corruption happen each of the files saved over it gets unreachable. Such unreachable files remain at the saved location as they aren’t overwritten by any new file or folder. As such, situation develops before the users they apply format command without giving it a second thought that it may cause erasing of the files from pen drive.

The files that are saved over pen drive can also get lost due to improper ejection. Many of us have the habit of removing pen drive from system without following proper procedure. The demerit of not following such method is that it can damage the file system that is responsible for managing the activities of pen drive. Hence if the file system gets corrupted or damaged due to any reason then all you need to do is make use of Flash Drive Data Recovery utility as early as possible. Along with these described reasons, there are few other reasons that causes data loss from pen drive. Some of them are accidental formatting, error while changing file system, data loss due to some third party software, etc. Click on this url to know about this topic in much more illustrated idea:

Flash Drive Data Recovery helps to get back data after formatting pen drive in the same format as it earlier used to be i.e. there is no difference between the original one and the newly created one. The files that users need to get back data after formatting pen drive, can be compressed to minimize the memory space occupied after recovery. This software allows its users to make specific file recovery on basis of file name, file format, date of creation and size of it. One of the other aspect of making use of this software is that user can recover lost data from usb flash drive of different brands like Transcend, SanDisk, HP, Sony, etc. This software is capable to function on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Steps to Recover Formatted Pen Drive Data:

Step 1: First download, execute and later launch its "Welcome Wizard" after having data loss over pen drive, as shown in Figure 1.

How to Get Back Data after Formatting Pen Drive - Welcome Wizard

Figure 1: Welcome Wizard

Step 2: On the next screen, select pen drive and click on next button to start the scanning process on drive as shown in Figure 2.

Recover Formatted Pen Drive - Select Pen Drive

Figure 2: Select Pen Drive

Step 3: As scanning is finsihed, next screen appears where you can see the recovered files from pen drive, as shown in Figure 3.

Restore Formatted Pen Drive Data - Preview

Figure 3: Preview

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