How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Best Way to Recover Lost Files from USB Flash Drive

Have you lost any of the files from USB flash drive? Need not be depressed or enervated for such reason. Simply make use of Flash Drive Data Recovery software, to recover lost data from USB flash drive in matter of few steps on the software. Generally when the files get lost from storage device such as flash drive users leave any hope for reusing the files. However, such type of lost files can be easily restored because of the saving pattern adapted by any storage device. As the files are lost from the stored location, only respective file pointer is wiped out from the file system. Hence, all that any recovery tool need to do is re-evolve the pointer of such lost files. But, if users remain clumsy after data loss from USB flash drive then, it would minimize the chances of complete data recovery because once the files are overwritten, it is nearly impossible to recover lost data from USB flash drive.

Mainly, the files over any USB flash drive get lost due to formatting. All of us know the very fact that when formatting is applied on any storage drives all the files and folders saved over it are wiped all at once. Usually such kind of formatting happens because of some unintentional activity like, you intended to format any other drive and ended up formatting USB drive. As this kind of thing is done on the flash drive, all the files are lost and thus making each of the files invisible. In such situation, need for tool arises which can provide solution to question like “how to recover lost data from USB flash drive?”

Flash drive data can also get lost due to improper activity upon it like improper ejection of the drive. The problem with such kind activity is that when such an action is done, the file system gets damaged. Since file system is totally attributed for managing the entire activity of any drive, therefore, if anyhow it gets corrupted then, it is evident that each of the files that are saved over it get unreachable. Once corruption of USB flash drive happen, messages like “The Disk Drive is not Formatted. Would you like to Format Now? ” appear on screen every time any user tries to have access to the files on flash drive. To have much more descriptive knowledge about this topic, click here:

Flash Drive Data Recovery allows its users to make easy recovery of the files due to great user interface. The graphic user interface is so simple that it allows even the novice users to make use of this software. The files that are recovered using this software can be easily checked out before saving them at any of the desired location. This software can also act as USB flash drive data recovery software for Mac operating system with same ease as it does for Windows operating system. Some of the popular file formats that can be restored using this software are JPEG, JPG, RAW, NEF, CRW, PNG, DOC, PPT, PDD, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and different others. If required files which are to be recovered can be sorted out in order of name, creation date, size, and file format.

Follow simple steps to undelete lost data from USB flash drive:

Step 1: Download and run this software after having any sort of file loss over USB flash drive. After execution of application is completed launch it to open its "Home Window", as depicted in Figure 1.

How to Recover Lost Data from Usb Flash Drive - Home Window

Figure 1: Home Window

Step 2: After you click on Recover Photos on Home Window, choose Recover Lost Photos on next screen. Once you click on Recover Lost Photos, utility will ask you to select the desired storage device. Select USB flash drive and then click upon Next button to start scanning process.

Recover Files Lost from Flash Drive - Select Flash Drive

Figure 2: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: After scanning is finsihed upon USB flash drive, a window appears where you can preview the recovered files as depicted in Figure 3.

Rescue Flash Drive Data - Preview

Figure 3: Preview

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